A test post for Joe’s Benefit

He’s actually really really sick, and we need to have a benefit for him. 


<< edit :: actually, I was just demo-ing microsoft’s Windows Live Writer software to Joe @ http://incongruouscircumspection.blogspot.com/.  I’m rather surprised with how well that bit of msft software works! Devil >>


~ by brianackermann on 2011-06-22.

2 Responses to “A test post for Joe’s Benefit”

  1. Thanks, buddy. I was given a doctor’s timeframe today. Six weeks to live. But there is a drug out there that can buy me a few more years. I will be a vegetable in a wheel chair, and yet my quality of life will be decent enough, being that I will be able to breathe on my own. The drug is mine for $20,000 per week.

    This may be my last typing exercise until my fingers go numb and I disappear electronically, forever.

    It’s been a pleasure, my friend. Stay thirsty!

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