The Necessity of Prayer :: 03

Prayer and Trust

In our previous two chapters we’ve been dealing with the idea of Prayer and Faith.  This weeks chapter takes us one step further, and extends from faith, the notion of Trust.  “Trust is faith become absolute…trust is firm belief, faith in full flower.”

As the idea of trust is an extension of faith, so is this chapters ideas and concepts an extension of the previous ones as well.  I didn’t find much in terms of new ground here, but, rather I found re-iterations and emphasizing of thoughts hinted at earlier.  We see again the wheel that is prayer and faith, each one getting strength from the previous turning, and providing increase to those that follow.

However, we also see E.M. Bounds suggests to us that this wheel turns both ways.  Weakness in our faith will spread to weakness in our prayers, and so on.  We read that neglect of a prayer-life is the cause behind most spiritual failures.  When the disciples had failed to cast the devil from an afflicted child, they failed.  Later on, when asked why they had failed, Jesus explained that “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.”  They had not yet cultivated their faith deeply enough.

Trust grows nowhere so readily and richly as in the prayer chamber.”  To grow your faith, and eventually, your trust, you must spend time in prayer.  You must believe with out doubt that what you pray for now is given to you now, and not in the future.  We must continually pray that our faith would be increased, and after many failures, much waiting, much praying, and many trials, our doubts will vanish, leaving implicit trust in its stead.

My practical application point for this week is to pray, “Lord, increase my faith,” as I continue to cultivate a prayer-life for myself.  I am motivated to become a ‘great’ pray-er, and for that, I need not only to develop the habit of daily, consistent prayer times, but also to grow in faith, in depth as well as in breadth!


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  1. Ooh….thanks…this is good stuff!

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