Taking My Prayer-Life to the Next Level

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting with a friend for a few hours late in the evening while he picked our brains about prayer.  The Lovely Wife and I did our best to clear the waters where we could, and to otherwise confirm to him that he’s already got a certain aspect of prayer right.

Prayer and the Prayer Life is a crazy difficult topic, and yet, only as difficult as you wish it to be.  At the root of it all, Prayer is communication with God.  Just a simple conversation.  Formulas and Rituals are not necessary (though sometimes helpful).  Just come to Him with an open heart.  He will hear you.

We sent him away with these main points to consider:

  1. Development of a Prayer Life is a life-long endeavor, on par with sanctification.
  2. There is always another level of intensity, something else to do or to learn, where prayer is concerned.

Now, I’m not a great man of prayer.  So while I recognize the general truth of the points above, I’ve not personally put them into practice.  However, I want to change this about myself.  I wish to take my Prayer Life to the next level, and maybe the one after that.  And so on.

So, part of my plan for improving this part of me, is to read some books on prayer.  I have a copy of several of the writings of E.M. Bounds, a man who has written much on prayer, who has also ‘done’ what he’s written about.  Its my intention to periodically tackle one of his chapters, and then to come here and write up my thoughts as I begin to make these new ideas part of me.


~ by brianackermann on 2010-01-26.

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