Sunday Set List : 2010-01-24

I’ve decided to attempt to be more faithful with this blog, and to that end, one of the things I’m going to do regularly, is comment on my excursions into the realms of leading worship at Promise.

Leading worship is such an odd blessing for me.  First off, I’m really quite a shy person, and the idea of any kind of public speaking is–at the least–moderately terrifying.  Secondly, while I’ve got a passion for worship music, I’ve not really been blessed with amazing talent to go along with my passion.  I’ve been singing since I was a child, and to be honest, I am a bit proud of my voice.  I know its not a super-amazing-get-that-dude-a-recording-contract-now kind of voice, but its certainly an above average one. 

Instrumentally, however, I find myself woefully inadequate.  I am improving, no question, but its such an agonizingly slow process, that, at times, it feels like I’m really just wasting time; time that could be put much better use with some other endeavor.  The problem is that I really enjoy playing my guitar, and that I’d feel a good bit of loss if I were to give it up.

As for the Set List on Sunday, here is what we went with:

  1. Not to us
  2. Love the Lord
  3. From the Inside Out
  4. Knowing you
  5. Wonderful, Merciful Savior
  6. I love you Lord

I’m not really sure how the set went.  I never did get the monitors set up well enough so that I could tell what was going on.  All the vocals sounded rather flat and muted to me, but after service, I questioned a few people about the sound, and they didn’t hint at any sound quality issues.  So, I’m hopeful, at least, that it was just a monitor issue.

One problem that always seems to come up to bite me and my vocal key selections is the time of day in which I’m first practicing and getting my selections made.  The quality and consistency of my vocal appears to change quite a bit as the day progresses.  My range is considerably shorter in the mornings (both on the low side, and the high) than it is later in the day, when I’m usually practicing!  Then, on Sunday Morning, I’m often surprised that a song I was quite able to sing only 12 hours before is now beyond my capabilities.  What this suggests is that I need to do a better job with my vocal warm-up.  I’ve got a handful of routines for this, but I admit, I’m embarrassed to do them in a public setting, or even in front of my family.

So, all in all, a pretty good set.  There’s a lot of room for growth and improvement yet, but, I’m willing to make progress and learn and grow into this, as long as the church is content to let me.

If you would pray for me, I would ask you to join me as I ask for two things.  First would be that I would grow in skill and capability and confidence with regard to my guitar playing.  Second would be that I have long prayed for a mentor to aid me in the first.  Someone to stretch and challenge me, to disciple me, to encourage me, to befriend me, and to chasten me.

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~ by brianackermann on 2010-01-25.

3 Responses to “Sunday Set List : 2010-01-24”

  1. I thought the set went great. The songs flowed well together and was generally musically tight. Great job!


  2. Brian
    We are so proud of you for serving by leading worship. I know when Joyce & Jason did it at our old church, how much they were under attack by the enemy. It is a big committment and a privilege to minister to the Lord in that way. I know they did go to a worship conference that was helpful. I wonder if Crown college offers mentoring in some way. How is the sound in your new building?
    Bless you & Tina.

  3. Not sure about the mentoring, but, something will turn up. I’m not done praying for it yet 😀

    Well, the sound in the new building is much better then in the old cafeteria, but I’m also sure it could be improved on quite a bit.

    Last sunday I made a few changes to our monitors that seemed to help me quite a bit.

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