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Last night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with some close friends.  Over the course of a dinner rather more longish than it needed to be (the service we received I felt was especially poor), we (The Lovely Wife and I) had a lively conversation which ranged freely between topics as varied as “right to life/right to choose”, “US Policy regarding Israel”, “Death Penalties”, and “Seperation of Church & State” .

We’re all close friends, and while we all share certain viewpoints, each of us has our own particular place where we stand out differently from the others.  Because of our mutual love and respect for one another, we were able to disagree with each other without becoming angry.  It was really an enjoyable and engaging way to spend an evening.

For myself, I’m kind of like Moses.  I’m slow of speech.  Ask me a question; the odds are good that I’ll freeze, and not be able to communicate anything.  On the other hand, give me some time to write down my thoughts, and (like Moses before me) I’m likely to write more on the subject than you’d ever cared to read about it.

Often, I find that my mouth and my mind are disconnected.  There is a wide gulf between the thoughts in my head, and my ability to speak them.  I’m grateful, though, that I have the ability (some would say gift) of presenting my thoughts with written words. 

This can be a blessing and a curse.  The Lovely Wife is often angered by my lack of anything to say.  Vocal words don’t often do me justice.  I just need some time to think my way through my own tangled thoughts.  On the other side of the coin, I am able (when I choose to) to wax poetic, it is frequently to my benefit, as The Lovely Wife is easily swooned with rhythm and rhyme, and thoughtful phrasing.

It was a pleasure to have good conversation last night.  It’s an even deeper pleasure to have friends with whom I can disagree, and yet remain in friendship.  May all the world experience it, as I have.

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~ by brianackermann on 2009-04-03.

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