Tipping Point In The Media

One of the things I am passionate about is Science.  And, while I’m not a scientist myself, I am following a number of things closely.  In particular I’m intrigued by “Anthropogenic Global Warming” or, global warming caused by man-kind.  The other biggie that I’m watching closely is Alternative Energy (I’ve got a whole heap of interesting things that I follow on this front, more to come later)

Today, though, I want to talk about global warming.  Now, as I said, I’m no scientist, but I do have an interest in the subject, as well as the drive to learn what I can.  I’ll say outright that I myself am a skeptic.  I’m not in denial.  I am not being paid by the oil companies to say so.  I just honestly don’t think that–at this time–mankind is responsible for the changes we may( or may not ) be seeing.

Now, that said, I am also very concerned with environmental issues as a whole.  I’m a huge follower of Alternative Energies.  I practice conservation.  I bring home recycling from work, because my office doesn’t have recycling service.  I have used CFL bulbs in my home for years now.  I love to see wind farms as I drive down the highway.  I spend a lot of time out doors, and I’d like to keep my hiking, camping, and fishing spots clean and pristine.

So, for this post, I will not trot out any of my particular concerns or arguments with the other side, but instead, will point you to an interesting article from on of my favorite blogs, Watts Up With That:

Over the last year or so I have been taking an informal survey of a key news metric – Google news searches for the term “global warming.”  A year ago, the ratio of
alarmist/skeptical articles was close to 100/1.  About six months ago,
the ratio was 90/10, Two months ago it was 80/20, and today it hit
50/50 for the first time – including the lead skeptical story “A Cooling Trend Toward Global Warming“.  One thing that has changed is the rise of blogs written by informed
citizens, complemented by the demise of corporate newspapers which make
money from keeping people continually alarmed about one thing or

I too have noticed the trend in other places:  reports of conference attendees ‘skipping’ en masse, reports of other climatologists coming ‘out of the closet’, if you will.  It seems that the more people who look at this thing objectively, the more we find that not everybody agrees that this science is “proven fact”

Which, leads me to my final point.  Science isn’t religion (though I  believe it does take some faith… a manned rocket to the moon?  Men and women actually LIVING in orbit?).  But we shouldn’t ever be saying “we fully understand this.  There is nothing more to learn”.  My biggest gripe against the champions of the Global Warming cause is that they are not pushing knowledge.  They aren’t trying to learn anything anymore.  They’ve made their conclusions, and, without allowing for new research, understanding, and comprehension, they are pushing the governments of the world to make policy decisions according to their agenda.

These folks (in my opinion) are not scientists, they are lobbyists.

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~ by brianackermann on 2009-04-01.

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