Little Bit of Irish In Me

One of my all-time great loves is Irish Folk Music, and I guess that occasionally splashes over into Celtic (Pronounced /kelt(ik)/) music in general.  So, it is my intention to post links and players to my favorite songs, either as I discover them, or have one on my mind.  I’m not yet entirely sure how I’m going to settle into posting the actual song content.   I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to try out, and we’ll see what we can make work.

My love of Irish folk music really started somewhere around 1997 (give or take a year, I think).  My brother had made friends with a fellow art student, and was invited to Kierans Irish Pub one day to watch his band play.  I was invited along too, and I brought another friend along.  The Tim Malloys were loud and lively, and I was passively enjoying them.  Then they played “Broad Black Brimmer”, and I was hooked.  I started following the band around from show to show.  I started calling them by name (much to their discomfort, I’m sure).  I bought the CD’s.  Sang along with them in the car.

I’ve loved the music ever since.  I love loud and raucous pub tunes.  I love the ballads.  I love the instruments (yes, even ‘pipes!).  I love the war songs.  I love the drinking songs.  I really love all of it.  I have loved other bands too (Six Mile Bridge, in particular), just as much.  And, once in a while, I get the crazy idea to join or start up my own band (though thats a topic for another post).

So, to begin wrapping up this long-winded post, I recently discovered Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.  What a treasure trove for a fella like me.  New Irish music, from talented independant artists, free to my desktop.  It’s hard to imagine something I’d have liked better!  From a recent podcast, I discovered this song, “Almost Irish”, and it seems to me that it conveys something of my experience as a man with virtually zero irish blood, but who has self-identified with all things Irish.

“Maybe the little bit of Irish in me can be the little bit of Irish in you…”

Follow the link to imeem and hear the song…
Almost Irish – Ceann

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~ by brianackermann on 2009-03-31.

2 Responses to “Little Bit of Irish In Me”

  1. I can feel your passion there. Keep it up. Beautiful article 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’ve got a few others in the works. Keep a lookout…

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