Easter Special Music

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I have always loved to sing.  I have a “pretty good” voice too.  I like to think—in the event I lost my sanity and tried out for American Idol—that Simon would merely say “next” and not ridicule and/or belittle me.

The Lovely Wife (as I shall call her), thinks my voice is much better than that, but I think its a bit of a case of love-sickness or maybe rose colored glasses.  At any rate, she’s been suggesting for quite some time that I do some ‘special music’ for church.  So, a month ago, I volunteered to do it. I’m going to sing Third Day’s Thief for the offertory at the Easter service.

I do not share The Lovely Wife’s enthusiasm for my performances.  But I also recognize, that (aside from Simon), I’m probably my worst critic.  I just hope that I don’t embarrass myself.  After that, the rest is gravy.

So, yesterday, I purchased a Karaoke version of Thief that I will practice along with, and perform with in less than three weeks time.  I was dismayed to find that the karaoke version was not exactly what I was hoping for; they took some liberties with the original song, and I’m going to have to get used to singing it without Mac Powell coaxing me along.

Pray for me, as I shall need it.

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